Any media contained within is believed to be public domain, or CyberComet original, or given to CyberComet for use within the screensaver.   Unless otherwise noted, these savers are free for your personal use.  These screensavers cannot be resold, included in any collections, or redistributed without the express permission of the author.   Ultimate versions of screensavers indicate there will be no newer versions (i.e. there will be no additional 2003 racing savers).
Seasonal / Holiday

Falling Leaves
Gently falling leaves...
4.5 meg animation

Blowing Leaves
Gently blowing leaves...NOT!
2.5 meg animation

Halloween Romp
Haunt your computer with these frolicking skeletons and bouncy pumpkins, and even a ghost or two.
2.8 meg animation / audio

Wall Exhibit in Hell
Artwork from the underworld.
3.4 meg animation / audio


Fry your brain a little with these optical illusions.
1.7 meg slideshow / video

Red Planet
Updated July 2004! Twice as many images of the Red Planet from the various missions, Hubble, etc.
Includes Martian Clock and RSS news feed from
9 meg slideshow / audio / video

Sunsets and Clouds
Photographs taken over the years at Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.
1 meg slideshow

Sunsets and Clouds 2
Twice as many high resolution pictures.
8.5 meg slideshow / audio

There are more sunset pictures HERE!

Carnivale 2003
Tribute to the bizarre but cool HBO series.
6.2 meg animation / audio / Flash

Cylon Eye!
Cylon scans your computer.
.8 meg animation / audio / Flash

Ultimate Superman3
The Man of Steel through the years.
6.3 meg animation / audio
The original version is still available on the

Superman Homepage
Operation Prodigal Spider
Spinning spiders, bizarre logo.
3.5 meg animation

Prodigal Spider 2003e
The second official screensaver of Operation Prodigal Spider.
(e variant)
1.25 meg animation / audio / Flash

Bouncing Eyeballs
Bouncing eyeballs roll across your desktop. Good prank.
1 meg animation

Cursor Madness
Curses! Cursors cruise across your desktop. Good prank.
.4 meg animation

Cursor Madness - Giant
More Curses! Giant Cursors cruise across your desktop.
.4 meg animation

Chromatic Spots
Color changing spots invade your desktop.
.5 meg animation

F1 Rules
Ultimate F1 Rules 2003
130+ high resolution pictures.
18.6 meg slideshow / audio / video

Nascar Rules
Ultimate NASCAR Rules 2003
80+ high resolution pictures.
9.3 meg slideshow

C^RT Rules
Ultimate C^RT Rules 2003
125+ high resolution pictures.
19 meg slideshow / audio / Flash

IRL Rules
Ultimate IRL Rules 2003
Slides of this year's winners with a repeating video clip of the last 6 laps of the closest 1-2-3 finish ever.
12.4 meg video / audio / slideshow

Requires the DivX video codec. Your computer probably already has it, if not download from